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Looking for haunting choir music? Eerie sound effects? Perhaps, reverberating pipe organs? The Dark Music Database is a free tool allowing you to browse the extensive catalog of Nox Arcana music by instrument. Simply open the database and follow these steps:

  • Choose one or more instruments from the left column to display a list of tracks containing all of the selected instruments.
  • Click to choose a track from the right column.
  • Preview the music by playing the thirty second sample.
  • A list of options are available to stream or download the entire track from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or official Nox Arcana website.
  • Click “Back to Results” to choose another track or change your instrument selection to refine your search.

A video demonstration the Nox Arcana music database.

Why Create The Nox Arcana Music Database?

Most new Nox Arcana listeners find the music while seeking to create a specific mood or atmosphere. The catalog’s diversity makes it perfect for a variety of creative uses such as accompanying a Halloween haunt, fantasy RPG campaign or Wiccan ritual. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming at first to browse the 20+ hours of music in search of the perfect track. Pride is taken in communicating the musical mood of each album in the track titles and Joseph Vargo’s excellent artwork is a good indicator of the theme, but it can be time-consuming to browse the 20+ albums and 400+ tracks.

When Jeff Hartz of Zombie-Works first introduced me to the trade show and horror convention circuit over a decade ago, I learned the importance of helping people navigate the catalog. Jeff and I got good at recommending appropriate tracks based on specific musical needs. Creepy circus haunt? Check out “Hall of Mirrors” from Carnival of Lost Souls. A magician looking for dark background music? Theater of Illusions is the perfect album.

2009 Transworld Booth
Jeff Hartz of Zombie-Works looking surprised by the photo. In the background you can see the laptop that we could control with a remote to quickly help new listeners hear musical samples from the Nox Arcana catalog.

I still love offering track or album recommendations (please reach out via social media or email!), but most people are left to explore the music on their own. This is why I created the the interactive database of Nox Arcana music: to help listeners find the perfect tracks for the mood or atmosphere they are looking to create.

The Current Version of the Nox Arcana Music Database:

The initial launch of the Nox Arcana music database includes the first five albums (Darklore Manor, Necronomicon, Winter’s Knight, Transylvania and Carnival of Lost Souls). Every instrument from each of the 100+ tracks and about five hours of music have been indexed for browsing.

Nox Arcana Music Database
A screenshot of the Nox Arcana music database allowing listeners to search the extensive catalog of dark music by instrument.

What’s Next?

This database is an ongoing project and I will be adding more album content periodically. I also plan on adding features to make the database more useful:

  • search by feeling (haunting, sad, pulse-pounding, etc.), tempo and meter;
  • sort results by release date, duration or popularity;
  • recommend similar tracks;
  • include track information and descriptions; and
  • links to YouTube.

The Nox Arcana catalog has grown significantly – now upwards of nineteen albums varying in theme from dark and spooky, to snowy holiday, to pirates or dragons. This can make it difficult or overwhelming for a newcomer.

I Could Use Your Help:

If you have any ideas for features that you would find useful, please let me know. I am doing all of the development, so if it’s possible, I’d be happy to add it to the list! Reach out on social media or through the contact page.

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