Film Scores


What Separates Us (feature 2017)
Crimson Winter (feature 2014)
Body Psalms (short 2014)
Chasing Death (short 2013)

Nox Arcana

Composer, Performer, Engineer, Mixing and Mastering:

Darklore Manor (album 2003)
Necronomicon (album 2004)
Winter’s Knight (album 2005)
Transylvania (album 2005)
Carnival of Lost Souls (album 2006)
Blood of the Dragon (album 2007)
Shadow of the Raven (album 2008)
Grimm Tales (album 2008)
Phantoms of the High Seas (album 2008)
Blackthorn Asylum (album 2009)

Engineer, Mixing and Mastering:

Winter’s Eve (album 2009)
Theater of Illusion (album 2010)
The Dark Tower (album 2011)
Winter’s Majesty (album 2012)
Legion of Shadows (album 2013)
Gothic (album 2015)
Season of the Witch (album 2017)

Audio and Sound:

What Separates Us (feature film 2017)
Dialog edit, Sound Design, Mix, Foley

Buzz-Works: Zombie Influx (album 2009) and House of Nightmares (2010)
Engineer and Mastering

Nightcrawler: Testament (album 2017) – Mastering

Cabinets of Dr. Arcana (computer game) – Recording Engineer

Other Music Projects:

Michelle Belanger: Blood of Angels (album 2006)
Composer, Engineer and Mastering

Nox Arcana: Night of the Wolf (live performance by Key Chorale and Orchestra)
Transcriptions and Arrangements

Nox Arcana: Music from the Shadows Vol. I
Transcriptions and Arrangements

Film Production

What Separates Us (feature 2016) – Producer and Post Production Supervisor

My Favorite Movie (feature 2015) – Producer

A Very Lovely Dress (short 2015) – Color Grade, Assembly and Delivery

Crimson Winter (feature 2014) – Producer

Animation Breakdown (film festival 2014 at Cinefamily)
Assembly, Blu-Ray Authoring and Delivery

Unarius (feature film 2015) – Blu-Ray Authoring


America Haunts (documentary 2008) – Music (Nox Arcana)

So You Think You Can Dance (Reality) – Music (Nox Arcana)

Ghosts of Ohio (documentary 2003) – Music (Nox Arcana)


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