Métallique Resonator – Voice Coil Driver

The original design of the métallique resonator features a gong driven by a voice coil to resonate creating a haunting sound rich with harmonics. Compared to the previous experiment creating a métallique speaker, where a sound exciter was used, the use of a voice coil should increase the drive capability, reduce the weight on the gong (or cymbal in this case) and more reliably attach the driver. Continue reading “Métallique Resonator – Voice Coil Driver”

Métallique Speaker – Experiment 1

When Maurice Martenot invented the ondes Martenot, he understood that the amplifier and speakers were an opportunity to give the performer more precise control of tone. In a typical setup, the ondes is connected to three speakers that can be mixed from the tiroir (drawer of controls). The first is a traditional loudspeaker called the Principal. The second and third are more unique creations of Martenot: the Palme, a lyre-like speaker with sympathetic strings, and; the métallique, a gong resonator (1947 French patent for métallique with images). Continue reading “Métallique Speaker – Experiment 1”

Ondomo – Modern Ondes Martenot

“I find it so amazing when people tell me that electronic music has no soul. You can’t blame the computer. If there’s no soul in the music, it’s because nobody put it there.”
– Bjork

Upon first hearing a recording of Messiaen’s Oraison, it is hard to believe that it was created on an electronic instrument. The performance is so expressive and organic that it could almost be confused for a human voice. Even more surprising is that the synthesizer it was written for was invented in 1928 – decades before electronic music became popular. Continue reading “Ondomo – Modern Ondes Martenot”